Wednesday, January 18, 2017

More Urban Sketches, Another New Artist Friend Exchange

The week started last Thursday at Barnes & Noble Café where I drew this woman, who is a regular there. Perhaps you can recognize her by now. Her friend went away from the table for a bit giving me a full view of this gal.

The next day we were at a Starbucks where these women we chatting away. And one woman facing us is balancing coffee cups on her head. (Or so it seemed)

At the same time this guy enjoyed a coffee with his wife and I am guessing, daughter.

Later that week we were at another Starbucks (we rotate around three or four of them in our area) where this sweet family was enjoying their time there.

Across the room a pair were working on something together, the guy between them was alone I believe doing his own thing, he had quite the stare; and the third guy was doing something else on a small fold up lap top unconnected to the others.

I enjoyed watching folks standing in line. I liked this woman's faux fur collar on her white jacket. She was with the short guy in his martial arts jacket. I wondered if they were going to buy something off the shelves too.

On Monday of this week I went to Oakland where I met up with a klassmate from Sketchbook Skool! You know I have been taking klasses on line in SBS for over two and half years. Maria Barci just started taking her first SBS klass a couple of months ago. She found me there. I'm so glad as we love each other's art styles, and since we live about a hour apart we decided to meet up in person and draw together.

I drew Maria from a photo I took of her after I got home. She dresses so stylishly. It was a challenge. I wasn't 100% thrilled with the outcome, because I couldn't capture her beauty, but I will try again and again hoping I eventually do.
However, she loved the drawing and was happy when I sent it to her.

Here we are together before setting out to draw and talk more at Starbucks near where she lives.  (notice the T Shirt Press for putting her art on T Shirts in the other room behind us, I'll show you more about that later in this post.)

I drew her drawing at Starbucks:

And later she drew me from a photo she took of me (see below)

I think she really got my look and joy. We both were having a very happy day together.

I continue to draw portraits from photos on the Sktchy app for IPhones.  I am using mostly Copic markers on them too.
I bought a whole bunch more at Dick Blick than the mostly skin tones I already had, and now I have a lot of bright colors too!!!!
I think I have enough for a while.
This Dick Blick in Berkeley, CA also sells the refill ink bottles and I got one of them for the skin tone color I already used up. I think it's the E00 marker. It's very cost effective to have ink to refill markers! You can buy fresh nibs there too.

Oops, out of order but here I am drawing Maria at Starbucks.

And finally today here I am drawing at yet another Starbucks in our town above and below on a very rainy day.

One more thing about Maria Barci, not only is she a stylishly dressed lovely young woman, and great artist, she also makes T Shirts with her art on them to sell like the one below featuring her drawing of Iris Apfel. If you would like one too, I love mine, let me know and I'll get you the contact information.

Thanks for coming by and leaving your comments.
They make me happy and keep me drawing!
Wishing you a Creative Week Ahead

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Success is Meeting A New Friend from France and Drawing A Well recieved Portrait of her.

First Francoise drew me, an as yet unknown to me artist on Sketchbook Skool. And then she asked me to draw her back.

 This was my original ink drawing.

Then it was back to the usual day to day drawings at Starbucks. I love this woman's wardrobe coordination. Even her notebook matches. And her purse on the chair.

In my Klass with Veronica Lawlor we are using marks to denote size, distance, texture. I spent some enjoyable time doodling marks on this page.

And some quickies at yet another Starbucks morning out.

This guy I drew from his photo on Sktchy.

Some more assignments for klass: a building on site using thin and thick lines, straight and sensuous lines.

and for the prompt "breakfast" for "A Drawing A Day" challenge

More Starbucks Stars!

I love my coffee house peeps!

And more marks. I sure hope I get a good mark in this klass.

I hope you are having a creative week. Stay warm and safe where ever you are and draw like crazy.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your mark (comment) as it this that keeps me drawing.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Drawing This Past Week

I'm taking a new Sketchbook Skool klass called A Drawing A Day with Veronica Lawlor. Not that I needed encouragement to draw every day; I do that anyway. But I love new klasses and this one is proving to be fun. It also coincides with a Drawing A Day with Prompts challenge. So this top drawing of my new boots in leggings for the cold in Oregon, where we went for the holidays was drawn in a motel on our way home. The prompt was "Rest".

Also for the klass, not for the prompt, was to use a thick and a thin line showing the front items on the plate stronger in the foreground and the thinner lines in the distance. I like how this worked.
The lemon on the right is the first lemon I picked off the tree I planted this past summer.

I continue to draw portraits on Sktchy (app on my iPhone). I love drawing Meral. She has a very soulful face and I have drawn her numerous times now. These two are my latest. They are also my new found love of Copic Markers. One of our Klassmates in SBS made a video at my request showing us how she used them for blending colors for skin tones. I am ecstatic to learn how to do this.

This third portrait was at the request of my youngest grand child, Allie, who paints her face herself.

This was my first use of Copic markers for a dark skinned fellow. I am so pleased with the results and so was he!

I continue to draw our instructors and facuty. Top Danny Gregory one of the two founders of SBS, and bottom, Morgan Green school Dean.

Top is Susan Colon another administrator and bottom is Veronica Lawlor.
This guy got drawn at a Starbucks and I used him for the prompt "Outfit".

Here's the same guy, for an assignment for thick and thin lines again, (before I added color to his clothing)

And several women at the coffee house on the same day.

One last quick lesson with thick and thin lines called sensuous lines that our eye follows in curves of the fallen cord.

I drew a lot more this week, but haven't posted them all. Might add some more later in a day or two or save them for next blog post.

Thanks for coming by. It's good to be home. I hope you were able to enjoy the holidays. We got to experience some intense weather unlike anything we are used to where we live: rain, sleet, hail and snow. Made for an interesting and very pretty at times ride home.

Happy New Year and wishing you a Creative week.