Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gardens Influence on My Art and More of the Usual

I've become enamored with Gelli Roll gel pens and my garden! Here are some examples of combining the two! I've gotten such positive feedback that I'm looking into creating an account on Society6 so I can offer prints for sale. Stay tuned.

More Morning Glories

My Sunflowers 

The original Zucchini flower (below) is for sale! Anyone interested can email me their offered price including shipping and I'll get back to you.
Say "art sale" in your subject box.

8" X 12" gel pens on black paper, inframed

And my love of gel pens and Creative lettering continues as well! 

This was date night in Roseville, Ca
The night of the day my husband sang at Open Mike .... I was so proud! 

The Old West Trio

Of course I also continue to draw in coffee cafes

And I continue to discover new art supplies! 

One can just never have too many pens! 

I also had a surprise visit from our eldest grandson! It was a joy to show him our new garden and talk about the meaning of life! 

Loving becoming more and more self sustaining! 

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your visits and comments as they keep me inspired to draw more! 

I wish you a Creative Week ahead! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Creative Lettering, Gel Pens & People Watching/Drawing

I take you backwards through my week this time from today ... 
Here I'm trying out newly purchased Gelly Rol pens called Moonlight 10! They arrived in today's mail from Amazon. 
After completing Creative Lettering klass in Sketchbook Skool with teacher Andrea    
Joseph, I've been practicing drawing letters in different fonts! 

And adding words to my people art! 

I'm also spending a lot of time in our newly created gardens so that too it making its way into my drawing and lettering.

We will be celebrating two of our grand children's 12th birthdays soon! 

Still enjoying people watching and drawing!

While seeking out new fonts to draw I came across Hebrew letters in one of my books!

I can get a lot of words on a page 

Or not so many!

It's fun to play with letter shapes!

(A few of these may have been already seen last week I apologize. I'm too lazy to figure out which ones so I'm leaving them.)

Thanks for coming by to enjoy my week with me! I wish you a wonderfully creative week ahead! 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Creative Lettering, People Drawing = Busy Art Journal Pages

Welcome to another weeks full of drawings and lettering. I left out many as I really outdid myself this week. Having a daily drawing habit becomes somewhat of an obsession, as well as being a passion for me.

Capturing couples to collect in my journal 

Integrating lettering into journal pages in new ways ... 

Having fun with Gelly Roll pens on black paper 

(I moved these photos from iPhone to computer and they lose a lot of color resolution in the move)
imagine brightness!

How many different fonts can you put into one page?

The story if my new garden as a word/ story pun ... 
Creative lettering class comes to an end, however, I formed a Facebook Group for folks who
took the class so we can continue on our own and encourage each other.

I discovered that gel pens are water soluble and turned to paint with a flick of my water brush!
I've drawn these women numerous times

Finding fun with numerous scripts ... 

New pens are fun too! 

Where to put the words? 

I love gel pens on black 

Love as word pun too! 

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your visits and comments as they encourage me to draw on!
Wishing you a Creative Week Ahead!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Creative Lettering, Cafe Drawings, and Garden Bounty


Welcome to my week of drawing, klass homework, gardening, cooking and photographing! 

A week ago Thursday we could be found at Barnes & Noble Cafe, where I combined last week's lettering lessons and neon markers into my usual cafe people drawings.

You've got to recognize these guys by now! This has to be at least the 3rd or 4th time they've made it into one of my art journals!

More signage homework for Creatve Lettering klass in Sketchbook Skool. This is the last week of this month long klass and I am really going to miss it! We had new lessons and homework each day!

I just cannot nor do I want to stop learning more Creative Lettering!!! 

It's very fun applying what I'm learning into my daily drawings in my art journal! 

I had my yearly medical check up and was glad to learn I am still healthy! 

I think the way I've been eating for the past four years as vegan is really paying off. When I started I was overweight and I've maintained the 23 pound weight loss all this time, along with positive other health changes. Got off of two medications! 

I love organic veggies. These zucchini I grew myself in my new garden! Everything else are from organic local farms, bought at our farmers market.

I also grew this curved cucumber, the strawberry plant, the Japanese eggplants and the tomato plant that stem of leaves came from to make the letter "e"!

And then I drew it all to spell Love! I love getting up in the morning and going out to the garden to see how things have grown over night. I check again at noon, and again in the evening. I've taken to eating my meals on the patio. The hummers, butterflies, bees and birds keep me entertained! It's so peacefully beautiful! 

I have to tear myself away to go out to draw!

So many interesting people are out there just begging to be drawn! 

More playing with fonts! 

And then we got introduced to "Word Puns":

I was so thrilled when my first sunflower bloomed this week. I planted the seeds a month ago in the ground!  I have 17 sunflower plants and as of today three have opened up! 

I have five watermelon and at least three cantaloupe growing too! It's all very exciting. I'll continue to post photos as changes occur! 

That was my week Thursday to Wednesday! Stay tuned. I'll be full of more adventures next week, I promise!

Have a Creative Week! Enjoy each day! Life is precious!