Monday, July 24, 2017

I"m Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I know I've been away from my blog for about a month. Here are some Sktchy Folks I drew while not blogging ...

I also draw my husband at Barnes & Noble Café!

And other folks there too.

And I still draw several mornings a week at Starbucks.

I loaded these drawings a while ago, a month ago? But never posted them. Now I will. I've gotten busy in other areas of my life and blogging has definitely taken a back seat. For one I have decided to retire from my 36 year career as a counselor (ten years as a Biofeedback counselor/trainer and 26 years as a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist). It's been a wonderful time in my life and the decision to stop has been an emotional one, with lots of changing of my mind over the past two plus years.
But now I am sure and I will be saying good bye to a handful of clients (about a dozen) and emptying my office completely by September 1st. At age 76 I want to devote 100% of my time to making art and playing. It's time.
I'll continue to go to Starbucks to draw.

I've also made a return to quilting. I am on #5. My eldest grandson has traveled extensively and brought home fabrics from many different countries. He asked me if I could turn them into a quilt for him and that has become quite the project.
It's a large one so it is taking a slow paced but steady paced job.
I plan to continue working in fabric art again too.

I'll enjoy more time with my husband. He's the one on the right!

And I'll continue to meet new people whereever I go. I'm excited to see what new adventures open up for me as I step through this door to this new part of my life.

In the meantime, enjoy yours and your art making. Thanks for coming by to see mine. Happy Paint Party Friday too.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Fifteen of My Favorites From This Week

I found some neon markers at the thrift store and went crazy over using the yellow one! Glad there were a lot of blonds out this week where I was drawing!

And they each had their story to tell ...

*yes I am
These ladies below were more in the grey haired realm (as am I) so I stuck to water soluble Woody Stabilo crayons and water brush. Perhaps some Tom Bow markers as well.

My online friend, Darlene Campbell, challenged me to get more creative from my imagination, so I added lines (actually one line was a mistake, which I used to create more lines like water and added fish from my imagination. The people were in this pose on the SKTCHY APP. See what I mean by

More drawing at Starbucks ...

* something my husband might say

and more Sktchy folks ...

... and more opportunities to use that Yellow Neon Marker again!!!

... and again! They were all of 99 cents for three. I like when little things can bring me so much joy!

And three more Sktchy People begging to be drawn. I love this nightly ritual of drawing portraits from photos people post there. I'm very pleased with all of these.

Now it's time to wish YOU a creative week ahead,
and to thank you for dropping by and letting me know
what you think of all this drawing!

May happiness and good health rain down upon you.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Blog Time Time for New Art

It was a special week this week. It was Grandparents Day at our middle grandchildren's school. (we have five, these are the twins who are in 7th grade now) The older young woman in the top photo is their cousin, Abbie, who was visiting from Boston and joined us at the school. I drew her and our grandson, Aaron, later in the evening at their home. I drew Yael too, but neglected to upload that drawing.
It was a fun day and evening.

Later in the week I did my now ritual drawings at Starbucks, and gave them their stories.

And I continue to draw a portrait a night using photos on Sktchy App on my iPhone.

These are really fun to draw. I love all the different expressions I find there.

On Monday there were long lines at Starbucks ...

 ... and people on technology per usual.

and in the evening there is time for more Sktchy Portrait  drawing.

Feel free to vote for your favorites.

On Thursday we go to Barnes & Noble Café where I find great sales and wonderful people to draw, some for the first time like these two ...

and some who I have drawn numerous times like these three:
The gal on the far right had new highlights in her hair!

And tonight there was just time for one more sktchy portrait before I loaded my art from the week for you to see.

I appreciate your visiting here and thank you in advance for any comments you feel like leaving.
I wish you a Creative Week ahead.
Have fun.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Artists Love Attention!


Welcome back or welcome for the first time, which ever the case, I'm glad to welcome you to my blog.

I continue to draw every day, and evening; I am no longer posting every single drawing I do, but almost. I also post on Facebook and in several artist's FB groups such as Sketchbook Skool, Everyday Matters, Artist's Journal Workshop, Urban Sketchers (group), Sketchbookers Society and I Love Creative Lettering. Oh, and Sketchbook Skool: A Drawing a Day, and on the Sktchy App on my iPhone.

So my art gets seen by many. I love the attention and responses it receives. I am sure every artist likes to have their work appreciated. And it's fun to share, to get inspiration from other artists, encouragement, all of which keeps me drawing.

Here we were last Thursday at Barnes & Noble Café. Interesting that I drew a woman with good hair last week and again this week there (see one of the last drawings on this thread)
I guess being a thin haired person I am drawn to others with full heads of luscious hair. A little green with envy perhaps.

I imagined these women as being best friends since childhood or maybe sisters even:

This is Lynne, a woman I met on line, who draws in urban environments like I do. She's also on Sktchy so I drew her portrait there this week.

These gals were all at Starbucks ... where I go to draw most of the days of the week.

I really enjoyed drawing Jonathan from Sktchy too. And the background was great fun as well.
I like how it sort of makes him pop off the page!

Haylee saw my art on Sktchy and asked me to draw her so I did. I don't know that she's seen it yet.

I finished another Travelers Pentalic art journal this week. That always feels like such an accomplishment, although I am finishing up about one a month or darn close to it.

This was a good day in another way too.  A woman sitting next to me at a table big enough for four saw me drawing and said something about it. I asked if she wanted to see more and she nodded affirmatively, so I handed her my almost finished sketchbook. She sat and looked at every single drawing (that way over 100 pages) and she smiled and laughed her way through it, stopped to compliment me over and over again. Needless to say, it was a very enjoyable experience for me.
(I can still remember when I was terrified to draw in public)

Sktchy folks are all about originality in posting interesting photos of themselves for others to draw. I like to find the ones with a bit of a challenge.

That said, Rebecca was such fun to draw. I added the dialogue myself.
She liked it. So did a lot of other people. Many said they saw themselves in this one.

Bam-Bam says he's an artist from California (like I am) ... I wonder if I'll meet him one day?

See, here is the second woman, second week in a row  at Barnes & Noble Café with a very full head of hair. If only!
And this guy with his tattooed arms that kept changing positions. I got two of them.

I drew these guys yesterday at Starbucks. This fellow is an artist too (on the left) with his service dog.
He wasn't doing any art today, just talking to the guy with the big bushy beard.

And finally just to prove moving people can't keep themselves from being drawn I got the guy below twice, first where he sat originally and second when he moved further away in the back of the room. (on the same couch those other two above vacated before he came in.)
I can't seem to get under this last picture to write my good byes for the week. But again, thanks for coming by and know that your comments keep me drawing. I wish you a very Creative Week ahead. Hope to see you here next week!